• Try to get your loan documents and checklist items back to us ASAP.
  • Continue making your mortgage/rent payments.
  • Stay current on all existing credit accounts.
  • Continue living at your current residence.
  • Continue using your credit as normal.
  • Keep documentation for all non-payroll deposits.
  • Know from what account money for closing will come.
  • Know that funds for closing need to be certified check or wire (check with your title company).
  • Contact us with any questions.


  • Change banks during the process.
  • Pay off any loans or credit cards without discussing with us.
  • Make any major purchases (car, jewelry, boat, etc).
  • Apply for new credit (even if already pre-approved).
  • Open any new credit cards.
  • Pay off any collections without a discussion with us first.
  • Pay off any charge without a discussion with us first.
  • Transfer any credit balance from one account to another.
  • Take any credit card advances.
  • Dispute any credit accounts.
  • Close any credit card accounts.
  • Change employment status or compensation type without checking with us first.
  • Start any new home improvement projects.


Please DO contact the Pyne Team with any questions or concerns.
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